Whether you spell it duffle or duffel, call it a weekender, overnight, or travel bag, the goal for many men is a perfectly sized, priced, and constructed bag for a 2-3 day trip. While finding one seems like an easy task, it can actually be a very elusive proposition as there are a myriad of options, brands, prices, and features.   But, let’s tackle this category, narrowing our focus to men’s leather duffle bags.


We have all been traveling, whether at the airport, hotel, or business meeting, etc... and noticed a great looking leather duffle. It’s easily to spot familiar insignia or logos on some, instantly providing a reference point or estimate of the price paid and an equally comparable “quality”. For others, we might not know the brand, so the features like soft leather or zippers grab our attention. Whatever catches our eye about the duffle, we make a decision to find our own before our next trip. The search begins.


The quest often starts with a set of simple priorities.   For many price is the starting point, with a general ballpark budget in mind of how much to spend on the new bag. For others it might be brand specific. Ie.. If I’m going to spend the money, I only want to have a Louis Vuitton bag, etc… Then others focus mainly on utilitarian features with a target of size, material, or functionality, but are open to price points and various designers. For many of us it’s a mix of these three; a functional bag from a specific brand at a target price point. The search becomes quickly disappointing.  


Looking first at high end designers, it’s easy to see that many lack corresponding quality, and are churned out in large qty overseas. Also, who wants to pay $1,500, 2k, or 3k for a bag simply because it is from a familiar luxury label? Boring. There is something rewarding about not carrying the label everyone else has…something appealing about telling your friends and coworkers that you’re carrying a bag from a brand they’ve never heard of…something notable about doing something different. So the search is expanded to other, newer labels, and while the quality might be better or price point cheaper, the design might look too traditional, old manish, outdoorsy, or something dad would use. It was definitely not designed for a modern businessman, entrepreneur or creative. The search is increasingly frustrating.


Men's Leather Duffle Bags



So.. WE REDESIGNED IT! We redesigned the men’s leather duffle to dispel the myth that luxury, style, and trend can only be defined by well-known and recognized designers, price has to be outrageous for comparable quality, or compromise between design, price, materials, and quality is required to find a new duffle.  We combine modern, clean design, the finest materials, and small batch American-made production – into the perfect men’s leather duffle bag, at the perfect price.


FIRST. The design and size. In true weekender fashion, we designed our leather duffle with a flat base, and slightly Aline shape, offering easy access for packing and organizing. It holds just the right amount for a 2-3 day weekend trip, and fits perfectly in an overhead airplane bin. The detachable, leather shoulder strap provides flexibility when carrying.


SECOND. The Materials. Nothing but the best. The exterior is made of a buttery soft, vegetable tanned, Horween Leather, from the world famous Chicago tannery. The leather develops a beautiful patina with age. The zippers are beautiful custom Swiss Riri, known for their smooth movement and durability. The lining is a rugged water resistant aviator satin, the fabric you often see on the exterior of aviator bomber jackets popular today. Yes, this fabric, normally used on jacket exteriors to protect against wind, rain, and snow is used on the inside, as a lining, to protect all your stuff.


THIRD. The Construction. Continuing the focus on small batch production, each duffel is manufactured as part of a small run of 24 units, ensuring focus on construction and quality control. Each leather duffle is made in the USA, specifically in downtown Los Angeles, CA by master leather craftsman, using traditional techniques like hand skived leather and hand turned edges, providing attention to detail where many leather manufacturers avoid spending time and money.


FOURTH. The Price. We cut out the middle man, and sell direct to our customers, allowing us to drastically cut the cost. A leather duffle of similar quality in materials, construction, etc.. is extremely difficult to find at this price point. It is incredible value for the money and arguably the best men’s leather duffle bag on the market today.


Our Leather Duffle Features:
  • Modern, Rectangular Design
  • Vegetable Tanned, World Famous Horween Leather
  • Swiss Riri Zippers with Leather Zipper Pull
  • Water Resistant Aviator Satin Lining
  • Detachable Leather Shoulder Strap
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles in Small 24 Unit Batches
  • Only $850


    Leather Duffel Bag