World famous Horween Leather is the foundation and perfect complement for NATELUNDSTROM leather goods. Founded in 1905 and operating as the oldest tannery in the U.S., Horween’s goal for more than 100 years “has been to make the world’s best leather.” The leather is made by hand in Chicago, IL, using the finest quality American hides, & old world tanning techniques, resulting in a superior product to most leather available in the market today. The buttery soft leather is easily recognized for its luxurious quality and ages beautifully over time, adding unique patina to your NATELUNDSTROM leather item.

Taking this quality a step further and focusing on our commitment to sustainability, we primarily utilize Horween’s, vegetable tanned, Essex leather, tanned in the same method as the world famous Shell Cordovan. The Vegetable tanning method uses natural barks instead of harsh chemicals & metals found common in most modern leather tanning. This vegetable tanning process results in reduced environmental impact, important for generations to come.


NATELUNDSTROM partners with master leather craftsman in the USA to manufacture each leather good by hand in small batch production runs. Utilizing time honored techniques like hand-skived and hand turned leather, each item is produced with an extreme attention to detail. For example, our CLOUD Backpack takes 7-8 hours from start to finish, resulting in a superior product that matches our commitment to quality for our customers.

We are the antithesis of disposable fashion – building products to last.


Every leather product from NATELUNDSTROM is unique due to the individuality of each American hide used. The leather will develop unique characteristics with age as it is exposed to the elements, and if treated correctly will last a lifetime. We recommend treating your leather product with a neutral colored shoe cream to help maintain the quality. In addition, there is a potential of staining should the leather get wet, and take care when wearing light or white garments as slight rubbing may occur.


We source only the finest quality zippers and hardware for all NATELUNDSTROM products. We avoid cheap, shiny hardware that quickly wears out or breaks after limited use; hardware common to many bags found in the market today. Our top of the line, custom zippers are produced exclusively for us by RIRI in Switzerland and feature individually polished teeth & a custom finish. The attention to detail and quality, results in a zipper with increased reliability, ease of use, and a luxe appearance.

In addition to RIRI Zippers, we use solid brass and steel hardware on all our bags, ensuring long lasting durability.