Nate Lundstrom launched his eponymous accessory collection, Nate Lundstrom in 2016.  A frustration with a search for a messenger bag in 2009 was the initial catalyst for the start of the label, and after multiple brand and product reiterations, the line was launched. 

A Self-taught designer, Nate designs products he wants to use but has difficulty finding in the market.  After years working in both design, operations, and ecommerce, Nate is able to bridge the gap between creative and analytical, taking ideas to finished products. 

Finding influence in music, architecture, travel, art, and fashion, Nate seeks to find the perfect balance of luxury, minimalism, fun, and function, continually refining each item before moving to the next.  With a focus on quality, each piece in the collection is handmade and manufactured in downtown Los Angeles in small 24 unit batches.

The products are designed to meet exceedingly high standards for quality, function, and ethics, committing to these important values:

  1.   DESIGN. Modern & Clean, Beautiful and Functional able to bridge multiple style categories and seasons.
  1.   LUXURY. Products or brands should not be labelled “luxury” purely on price point, location, or name.  There is a flood of poorly made “luxury” products manufactured with cheap materials that quickly wear out or break after purchase.   Our collection features the finest materials and American craftsmanship, ensuring actual luxury.
  1.   VALUE. Offering direct to consumer pricing allows Nate Lundstrom to cut out inflated retail margins, bringing products at an Incredible Value vs others in the market.  Nate Lundstrom also stands by everything sold, offering a 1 year limited warranty on any purchase.  Read more here
  1.   WASTE. We believe we are stewards of this earth and have a responsibility to act accordingly, taking care of our resources and people.  With this in mind, every product we offer is meant to be used for years and not meant for a single season, tossed away, or hidden in a closet. We are the antithesis of fast fashion.
  1.   THE ONE. The speed of media and new trends can be exhausting.  Too many decisions, options, colors, retailers, price points, etc.. and this overload can make it tough for many to make a choice. Many wait until they find the One.  We develop the One to last through multiple seasons and with the focus on the things that are important.. ie quality, price, ethos, uniqueness.  If you need a dopp kit, we have the right dopp kit and the only one you will need. 


 “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” - T.E Lawrence